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Travel Agency Expeditions Vilca, We are a Peruvian company founded in 1993, dedicated to the tourism sector specializing in ecotourism to the Manu National Park
with the main objective of offering a quality service at reasonable prices, as well as providing the best advice or truthful information. Customers in a timely manner. We have all our own infrastructure, logistics, to provide quality services according to the demand of the tourist, we emphasize our social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Provide the best service in order to achieve full customer satisfaction with our affordable tourist packages and know the most important wonders of Peru. Provide the best advice or accurate information in a timely manner. Provide quality services with reasonable prices, with social and environmental economic responsibility.

By the year 2020, travel agency Expeditions Vilca will be the best travel agency in ecotourism nationally and internationally, providing a quality service as is customary and will have branches nationwide. Our work Philosophy is based on offering Manu trips perfectly balanced between quality of service and price, we work and act on priorities, the first of which is the full satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, continue distinguishing us to continue offering services and products of the highest quality since our history is the best guarantee of our excellence and reliability.

  • Provide quality services with reasonable prices, with social and environmental economic responsibility.
  • Fulfill our mission and vision.
  • To be the best national and international agency specialized in ecotourism.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Expeditions Vilca is based on the commitment of the Peruvian state to the company and neighboring towns to the Manu. That area reserved by concession contract granted by the state and the commitment of the company to respect the environment, (environmental) minimize the possible impacts that could arise and commitment to economic sustainability in the native populations, in the environment such as Shintuya, Diamante, and Boca Manu. Maizal, Yomivato, Tayacome including as people of permanent logistic support (labor) paying reasonable salaries in the operation of the tour to Manu in this way improves the quality of life of the population or family and encourage sustainable development practices in the mentioned populations.

Commitment to the environment

Thanks to this commitment and on my own initiative, I carry out my activity with environmental responsibility in a responsible and sustained manner.Substituting my fleet of boats with non-polluting materials. Using biodigesters and solar panels. Expeditions Vilca contributes to development from a qualitative perspective. We suggest that the state be environmentally responsible and that the person responsible for the damage imposes fines for environmental damage to jails according to the damage. Thanks to our social responsibility and sustainability of the company has grown in production. Therefore led to a reduction of risks and great satisfaction of customers is a key element for business competitiveness. The quality, responsibility, safety and satisfaction of your expectations.

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