To enjoy your adventure, our passengers must meet with the following rules for the good use, comfort and enjoyment of the trip to the Tourist and Recreational Use Area of Manu.

  1. Overnight in the place indicated in the program and permission.
  2. Visit only authorized areas
  3. Do not interfere with the activities of park rangers and researchers
  4. Do not establish contact with native inhabitants and respect their customs.
  5. Do not collect species of flora and fauna.
  6. Do not carry firearms.
  7. Do not enter hunting and fishing implements.
  8. Abide by the provisions the headquarters of the Park and its staff of Park Rangers.
  9. Grant facilities to Park Rangers to the inspections carried out on the vessel that transports them.
  10. The Entrance to the Manu Reserved Zone is from the Limonal Surveillance Post, to the Otorongo, Salvador and Matshiguenka Camps area.
  11. Do not disturb, nor feed the wild animals.
  12. Place garbage in the buckets or when leaving the area. Take it with you.
  13. Do not destroy or write or scratch the signs, bins, or other infrastructure.
  14. Communicate to park rangers any abnormal fact that you observe during your visit

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